* By renewing my membership with EasyEquities Born2Run, I confirm that I accept to adhere to the ASA rules. I understand that my participation in all club organised, coordinated and/or hosted events is entirely at my own risk and hereby agree that none of the club, its directors, shareholders, sponsors or affiliates are in any way responsible for my safety, health and well-being. I further accept and agree that all reasonable steps to ensure my safety, care and well-being will be taken by the club, its shareholders and directors and that it is my duty to ensure that I conduct myself in a responsible, safe and diligent manner at all times. The club, its directors, shareholders, sponsors and affiliates will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, harm, injury or death incurred as a consequence of my participation in club events (including club runs) or by virtue of my membership to EasyEquities Born2Run.


Why am I told to run slow during training?

Runners, especially those new to the sport, think that if they are not running “hard” they are not training. The opposite is true. If a programme offers quality session (intervals, hills etc) twice or so a week a runner needs to run a slower run for recovery, which in itself is critical to success. The slow run compliments the speed sessions, while speed on a regular basis results in fatigue and the inability to get the most out of the next quality session.

Why do I need to join a club like Easy Equities Born2Run?

Running can be very lonely if embarked upon on one’s own and no one runner has all the answers. Not all clubs have the expertise, but our does given that we have so many highly successful athletes. The fact that we podium at every race in many different categories indicates that sharing of resources is common place. We encourage our runners to share knowledge and experience, the truth is that running is indeed a team sport and we live the team ethic.

What is a PB?

A PB is short for Personal Best.  Runners monitor their PB’s on various distances and races and try to improve race on race.

Why do I need an age flash?

Race referees will not allow an age group prize award if a runner is not identified in the specific category. The belief is that your opposition has the right to know who they are competing against. You may run in a younger category e.g. 40+ if you are already 50+, provided the category tag you are competing in is worn. You cannot however win two age groups.

Where do I put my ASA number, race number and age flash on my club shirt?

ASA numbers are to be worn front and back. If there is a race number as well then that is placed over the ASA number on the front, but with the ASA logo and sponsors clearly visible above the race number. The age group flash should be as high as possible either in the middle above the race number or to the side, but clearly visible. If a race number includes the runners age, as at Comrades, then an age flash becomes surplus to requirements.

What does a drop in a running shoe mean?

Heel drop is essentially a measurement for how fat a running shoe's heel feels. It's short for ‘heel to toe drop,’ often shortened to just ‘drop’.  It just tells you how much taller the heel is than the forefoot.  Runners find different drops work for them from a minimalistic shoe to a high heel, we suggest you finds what works best for you for comfort and preventing injury.


Membership fees include the ASA licence fee.

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