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Are you new to running and in need of a little guidance?  Are you a long-time runner looking to improve your performance and achieve a PB?  Do you just need some variety, or are you looking to train smarter?

Born 2 Run Athletics Club proudly supports four coaches able to assist runners in each of its branches, focusing on the coaching of adult runners (i.e. over 18 years) competing in road running, trail running and triathlon events.  Whether you are looking for a “hands on” approach, group training sessions or just a personalised training program, we can help you to achieve your goals. #chasingdreams


dave coetzee

Dave Coetzee


  • Road Running
  • Track & X-Country
  • Triathlon / Duathlon
  • Group Training (Running Junkies)
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David Ashworth


  • Road Running (10km to ultra)
  • Trail Running (10km to ultra)
  • Virtual Coaching (coaching via email)
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Steph Smith

East London

  • Road Running (21km to ultra)
  • Group Training (BO&ST Coaching)
Cell: 083 276 0813


Bob Norris 

East London

  • Road Running (21km to ultra)
  • Trail Running
  • Group Training (BO&ST Coaching)
Cell: 082 554 4016




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